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I expected an explanation at the end. There was none.

#I think he celebrates that summer’s here


yaser sendin his ass off to boarding school


Anonymous said: Can you write me something? Please let it be with Harry and maybe a roadtrip! My name is Sara and I'm 5''6 tall, blonde hair and blue eyes!Merry Christmas :)

Sure love! Merry Christmas to you too and here you go;

"Harry it’s hot in here! Let’s remove the roof, yeah?" you stated as you threw your feet up at the dashboard of the car. Nothing but miles of miles with vegetation on each side of the old crumpled road. "Oh I’m sorry Sara, it’s because I’m sitting this near you," Harry wiggled his eyebrows and pushed the button that made the roof of the cabriolet roll up and disappear somewhere in the back of the car. "Yeah gotta be," you scrunched your nose at him. The sun burning above your heads. Harry hit the gas pedal and the car purred, shooting forward. The wind ruffled your hair as the sun worked in to your skin. You tilted your head and watched Harry, smiling from ear to ear, his dimples dotting his cheeks and the RayBans shielding his green eyes from the merciless rays of the sun. You stretched out your arm and took a handful of his curls, he leaned into your hand, not taking his eyes off the empty road in front of you. “I love moments like these,” he mumbled and swiftly looked at you and you had to agree, this really was like a little piece of paradise here on earth. In fact, anywhere with him was like paradise.

He turned up the radio, “do what you want” by lady gaga filled the air and you squealed. “YES!” you started singing along and dancing in your seat, Harry laughed and rolled his eyes at you. “What I put up with to see that smile,” he chuckled and you stillened in your seat, laying your hands over his on the gear as he gave it a light squeeze. and you kept driving, having no goal at all.


"Seriously, be a man!" You groaned as Harry dropped the spare wheel on the dusty ground again. "It’s heavier than it looks, primadonna!” he huffed back and you rolled your eyes, picking up the jack and placed it under the car, Harry observing you intently with the biggest of interest. You put your hair up in a messy bun as beads of sweat was appearing by your hairline due to the baking sun. “Hand me the cross wrench please…” you said and Harry handed it to you dumbfounded. You removed the hub cap and the nuts and went on to removing the tire. “Now if you’d show a little muscle. Pick up that damn tire and get over here,” you said jokingly and Harry chuckled. “Yes sir!” he rolled the tire over to you and you placed it back on the hub. “There we go.” You said nonchalantly after tightening the nuts. “I like it when you’re bossy,” Harry smirked and placed a hand behind your neck. You giggled and shoved his sunglasses up on his curly head. You leaned onto the car as he leaned in and kissed you passionately before you went on with your adventure in midst of nowhere, the sun hanging low over the horizon and the bond between you growing stronger by every passing mile. 

I’m sorry that it’s so short! But I hope you liked it :)xx

The newest chapter is out guys! 

If you havent read from the start, I suggest that you do, otherwise it won’t make much sense to you, lovebugs xx

Exclusive phootage of Will Ferrell at a M&G with One Direction!

Exclusive phootage of Will Ferrell at a M&G with One Direction!

By failing to prepare, you are preparing to fail -Mark Twain

By failing to prepare, you are preparing to fail -Mark Twain

I’m sure most of you have seen the “Story of my life” music video? I thought Louis’ part was so heartbreaking that I just HAD to make a Oneshot based on it, if you haven’t seen it I suggest that you do see as this won’t make any sense to you if you haven’t (and to be fair; it’s AMAZAYN.) anyways, here’s the oneshot;

Louis looked around his grandparents’ apartment, the familiar smell of his nan’s stew still evident in the kitchen. His other relatives were somewhere else about the old apartment, gathering stuff of sentimental value in brown boxes or bags.  Louis ran a finger along the pink tinted wall, closing his eyes as he kept walking through the living room which seemed awfully empty without his dear grandparents in the baby-pink couch. He sat down by the coffee table, laying his hands in cross, placing his head on top of them. The memories flowing back to him in a steady and subtle stream.


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Danielle frowned at her reflection, the image meeting her eyes causing her stomach to knot. Tears prickled her eyes as she reached down to her thighs, forming a cone out of her hands as her fingers laced around her firm thigh. Her lower lip wobbled as her hands moved to her belly, arms, hipbones- everything she hated about herself, her curls sticking to the salty tears on her cheeks. Her phone beeped again and she grimaced as she saw the twitter icon on the display…more hate… the hate that brought her to this point. Why couldn’t they just accept her for who she is? Why did they have to point out every single thing they hated about her? She knew fairly well that they said all these things to her because they had the internet to hide behind, moreover that they were jealous of her relation to the famous Liam Payne. She always acted nice to the haters because she knew they was just protecting this gorgeous boy, but how could they not understand that hurting her wouldn’t make Liam happy?

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 (dirty/smut PG.15/16)

“You should come to my house” Harry said in joking manure to Zayn across the stage, the roars of the fans at an incredible level.

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